Transportation by Trucks

Transportation of Trucks

Transportation by Trucks and Tempos

We offer Full Truck Loads (FTL) at a national level with Tempos, LCVs, Trucks, Lorries of various capacities ranging from 1 MT. to 30 MT. and more. We also provide various containerized vehicles of different passing capacities for the safe transportation of goods of our valued clients.

  • Our expertise spans across transporting goods in these vehicles in the form of raw material for various Industries like sand, coal, rubber , glass, steel, cotton, auto components, various structures, etc. as well as various finished goods like pharma, finished consumer goods, tyres, etc. Our hassle-free door-to-door pick-up and delivery service is known in the Industry for its speed and efficiency. Our fleet consists of :
  • 32ft containerized vehicles (Single and double axle)
  • 28ft containerized vehicles
  • Trucks of various capacities like 9MT, 16 MT. and 21 MT. having open, half and full body
  • Full Body Trucks of various sizes (18-20-22-24 ft)

Light and Medium duty Vehicles like:

  • Tempos
  • Pick up vehicle
  • 407 vehicle
  • 14’ vehicles
  • 17’ vehicles
  • 19’ vehicles

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