CSR (Together towards Tomorrow)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Warming

At IFM we are concerned about the Environment and the condition of the Planet we leave for our future generations. Our Planet Earth is facing a huge crisis at this hour called Global Warming. Hence to fight this , we keep our fleet in a good condition leading to less carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, the vehicles of our Associates are chosen carefully and regular checks and PUCs are done to keep pollution levels in a check. We take the onus of protecting the Environment on us and have assumed the responsibility by using eco-friendly technology and methods.


Duty toward Employees

The health and well-being of our employees is of significant importance to us and therefore, we regularly conduct workshops and seminars to teach the crew members (which include, Vehicle Drivers, Cleaners, Labour teams, etc.) about the importance of hygiene and encourage them to undergo regular health checkups.


Schools for Children

Lastly, as a Corporate we believe in the value of giving back to the Society. Those at top managerial positions at IFM are members of various Charitable Trusts and Organizations. These charitable Organizations play a pioneering role in helping build schools for children, pay for medical help for patients, helping widowed women, etc. The gratification received from putting our resources towards precautionary methods to protect the environment and helping the Society as well as those in need is immense. IFM will continue to assume its social responsibility and carry it out with pride and dedication.