Port Handling And Stevedoring

Port Handling

Port Handling And Stevedoring

Handling of cargo properly and efficiently on its arrival at Ports is a skill and experience not many logistic providers have. Also this is a very time sensitive issue and companies may have to pay heavy charges if cargo on the Ports is not handled correctly and on time.

  • IFM's Port handling services are unmatched due to our efficient material handling equipments and techniques.
  • Various machines and equipments used by the expert logistic crew include trailers, cranes, forklifts, hoppers, etc.
  • Reloading and transportation of any type of consignment after Port clearances from within the Port to the ship in case of export and from the ship hook point to the Port shed area till clearance in case of imports.
  • IFM executes stevedoring at Ports of diverse cargoes such as break-bulk, containerized cargo, heavy lifts, over dimensional cargoes, etc.

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